The Technical Scope Of The Memory Card Connector

    Memory card principle is: its working principle is the resistance and integration of cards, is a few very small micro-elements and wire to achieve the storage of things, the general situation is an integrated card with tens of thousands of micro-atoms, each atom can bear a certain amount of storage.Memory Card Connector

    One of the characteristics of digital printer is the digital card reader, which can be directly plugged into the digital memory card for printing. This technical indicator is actually refers to, digital printer is what type of digital card reader, can directly plug in, read which kinds of digital memory. I think everyone should understand that the more types of digital memory cards can support, the better.Memory Card Connector

    EPROM refers to the contents of which can be erased by special means and then written back. The basic unit Circuit (storage cell) is shown in the diagram below, often using the floating-space-gate avalanche-injected MOS circuit, referred to as Famos. Similar to MOS circuit, it is the growth of two high concentrations of P-type on n-type substrates and the derivation of source and drain D by ohmic contact. Between the source and drain poles There is a polysilicon gate floating in the SiO2 insulating layer, with no direct electrical connection for four weeks. This circuit to the floating gate is charged to indicate the existence of 1 or 0, floating space grid after electrification (such as negative charges), under which the source and drain electrode to the induction of a positive conductivity channel, so that the MoS tube conduction, that is, the deposit 0. If the floating space grid is not charged, the conductive channel is not formed, and the MoS tube is not channeled, which is deposited in 1.Memory Card Connector

    The operating principle of the EEPROM basic memory cell circuit is shown in the diagram below. Similar to the EPROM, it is in the eprom of the basic unit circuit of the floating gate to create a floating grille, the former is called the first stage of the floating gate, the latter is called the second-class floating gate. An electrode can be introduced to the second stage floating air gate, so that the second stage floating space gate is connected to a voltage VG.Memory Card Connector


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