USB Connector For The Connection Chip

It is a fast, bi-directional, synchronous transmission of the cheap and can be hot-swappable serial interface. USB interface is easy to use, it can connect a number of different devices, and the past serial port and parallel port can only access a device. Speed is one of the outstanding features of USB technology. Full-speed USB interface, the maximum transfer rate of up to 12Mb / s, faster than the serial 100 times, while the implementation of USB2.0 standard high-speed USB interface rate is reached 480Mb / s. This makes high-resolution, true color Real-time transmission of capacity images becomes possible.USB Connector It is precisely because of these features of USB, making it a wide range of applications. So far, USB has been in the PC a variety of peripherals have been applied, including scanners, digital cameras, digital cameras, audio systems, displays, input devices. For the vast engineering staff, USB is the ideal bus for designing peripheral interfaces.USB Connector

For the USB interface chip, usually divided into ordinary and DMA (direct memory access) two modes of operation. Relative to the normal mode, DMA data transmission mode transmission rate faster, more suitable for video digital signals such as high-speed, real-time signal transmission. But unfortunately, the domestic market provides a wide range of USB interface circuit boards only work in normal mode, the lack of support for DMA mode of operation can not be directly used as a CCD digital camera USB interface such as the need to work in DMA mode The design and development.USB Connector Now meet the USB requirements of the peripherals are: modem, keyboard, mouse, CD-ROM, game controller, floppy drive, scanners, speakers and so on. USB bus standard upgrade from version 1.1 to version 2.0, the transmission rate from 12Mbps increased to 480Mbps, after the replacement of the media connection interval from the original 5 meters to nearly 100 meters. Based on this, USB can also do production of ISDN and video-based products. USB bus structure is simple, the signal definition only by the two power lines, two signal lines.USB Connector


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